Create Your Own Little Zombie Monster


Bubblegum Gallery invites you to create your very own zombie monster. Join Amanda of the handmade bow business Bow Peeps in the afternoon of Sunday July 9th for a hand sewing class that’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

All supplies are included and step-by step instructions are given. Click here to purchase tickets for $20.

The class is scheduled to start at 2pm and finish at 5.30pm. If you’re planning to come as a group, it’s suggested that you arrive 5-10 minutes early, so you’re all able to sit at the same table.

Bubblegum Gallery is the self-proclaimed “happiest gallery in the world”. It’s a space filled with colorful and affordable art. They organize regular themed events like this sewing class. You could also check out ther Horror Movie Group Art Show on Friday July 7th, which is a free event featuring scary art by local talent.


Get Ready for 12 Inches of Sin Erotic Art Festival


July 21st-23rd is promising to be an exciting and culturally rich weekend in Vegas! Expect lots of erotic art, burlesque and drag performances, shibari rope classes and other fun workshops. Organized by Sin City Gallery, 12 Inches of Sin Erotic Art Festival attracts artists and art aficionados from around the world. It’s an affair you don’t want to miss!

Over 100 visual artists and 30 performance artists will take over New Orleans Square, a 30,000 sqft commercial retail complex, to ignite the senses. Alien Tequila and their giant spaceship will provide other-wordly spirits in their open-air lounge. Live music and DJs will be grooving throughout the weekend.

The Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will oversee all activities to ensure that everyone is having a great time. Funds raised during the weekend will be donated to the Sisters’ 501c3 charitable program to assist members of our community in need of HIV/AIDS services.

New Orleans Square is located within the historical Commercial Center. Established in 1963, this landmark has hosted numerous arts and cultural events throughout the decades.

Admission is $20 for the whole weekend. Click here for more details and to purchase tickets.

First Fridays in the Arts District

first friday.jpg

The First Friday festival in Downtown Las Vegas showcases the city’s thriving and constantly growing art community in the beginning of every month. The next event is taking place on Friday July 7th at 1025 First Street, in the center of the 18b Arts District. It’s a great occasion for artists and their supporters to come together and celebrate creativity.

The festival starts at 5pm and is organized by the First Friday Foundation – Las Vegas. Participants can explore dozens of galleries, see performances and check out all the cool stuff sold by street vendors. Expect lots of art, music and food!

As always, the event is free. I hope to see you there!

The Human Experience Weekly Open Mic Night


The Human Experience is Las Vegas’s longest running weekly open mic night, happening every Monday from 7pm. The event’s mission is to be “the action of Love through Art, Music, Poetry and Culture”.

Bring your words, instruments, beats, jokes or just your wonderful self, and join the Human Experience community! You can sign up from 6:30pm, and the first performance begins at 7pm.

The June 19th open mic will feature Leilani Clark, an organizer and activist of mixed Native American and African descent. Throughout the years, she has been active in both the Immigrant Rights Movement and the fight to preserve cultural education in Arizona public schools. She currently resides in Las Vegas, and uses her art to convey her message for social justice. She is no stranger to the Las Vegas open mic scene, where she regularly performs slam poetry and music.

All of the proceeds from the June 19th show will go towards funding the grassroots, Indigenous-led campaign, #HaulNo. The campaign’s mission is to stop uranium mining on sacred Indigenous Lands just miles from the Grand Canyon.


48 Hour Film Project


Over the weekend of May 19th-21st, the contestants of the annual 48 Hour Film Project are writing and shooting new and original short films in Las Vegas. After the theme and other required elements are announced, the participating teams have a mere 48 hours to complete and submit their work.

The kickoff event took place at Funkyard Theater at ReBAR on Friday May 19th. The premiere screenings are happening at the same location from May 23rd to 25th, and the “Best of Screening” is on Friday June 9th from 9pm, so mark your calendars! Tickets can be purchased for all events for $5 each.

The best short films from previous years can be viewed here. One must admire the outstanding creativity the filmmakers had demonstrated, coming up with such unique ideas and turning them into brilliant pieces of motion picture within such a short time frame! In a few days’ time, this years’ creations are also going to be available to be viewed online.

Check out the event’s Facebook page for updates.




I have recently moved to Las Vegas. You might ask, how can I be so knowledgeable about alternative lifestyles and the venues catering for them in Sin City then? The answer is, I’m not – but I’d like to learn about them and have a lot of non-mainstream fun! That’s why I created this blog.

I’m a huge rock and metal fan, and I’m also into the goth subculture. As a writer of literary fiction, I’m also passionate about art and literature. The first time I arrived in Vegas, I spent many hours Googling and searching Twitter to find some spots here similar to the ones I loved going to in London. I ended up finding a few, but it wasn’t easy: it took a serious amount of research. That’s how I got the idea to bring all the information on interesting and quirky places together on one site, in the form of reviews and interviews with locals involved in alternative lifestyles.

Of course, no one associates Vegas with alternative culture of any kind, and I do not nurture any hopes that this might change in the near future. However, this is a city with a population of nearly 2 million people, where alternative lifestyles and the associated places exist and thrive – they are just hidden under the bright lights of the massive casinos!

My main goal is to support local independent businesses by spreading the word about them, so they’re easier to find for short-term visitors, as well as long-term residents. I’m going to arrange the listings in the following categories: Bars & Live Music, Events (Altternative Club Nights, Fetish), Art (Art Shows, Galleries, Film, Poetry, Theatre) and Everything Else. My regular posts will include news, reviews and interviews.