I have recently moved to Las Vegas. You might ask, how can I be so knowledgeable about alternative lifestyles and the venues catering for them in Sin City then? The answer is, I’m not – but I’d like to learn about them and have a lot of non-mainstream fun! That’s why I created this blog.

I’m a huge rock and metal fan, and I’m also into the goth subculture. As a writer of literary fiction, I’m also passionate about art and literature. The first time I arrived in Vegas, I spent many hours Googling and searching Twitter to find some spots here similar to the ones I loved going to in London. I ended up finding a few, but it wasn’t easy: it took a serious amount of research. That’s how I got the idea to bring all the information on interesting and quirky places together on one site, in the form of reviews and interviews with locals involved in alternative lifestyles.

Of course, no one associates Vegas with alternative culture of any kind, and I do not nurture any hopes that this might change in the near future. However, this is a city with a population of nearly 2 million people, where alternative lifestyles and the associated places exist and thrive – they are just hidden under the bright lights of the massive casinos!

My main goal is to support local independent businesses by spreading the word about them, so they’re easier to find for short-term visitors, as well as long-term residents. I’m going to arrange the listings in the following categories: Bars & Live Music, Events (Altternative Club Nights, Fetish), Art (Art Shows, Galleries, Film, Poetry, Theatre) and Everything Else. My regular posts will include news, reviews and interviews.