The Human Experience Weekly Open Mic Night


The Human Experience is Las Vegas’s longest running weekly open mic night, happening every Monday from 7pm. The event’s mission is to be “the action of Love through Art, Music, Poetry and Culture”.

Bring your words, instruments, beats, jokes or just your wonderful self, and join the Human Experience community! You can sign up from 6:30pm, and the first performance begins at 7pm.

The June 19th open mic will feature Leilani Clark, an organizer and activist of mixed Native American and African descent. Throughout the years, she has been active in both the Immigrant Rights Movement and the fight to preserve cultural education in Arizona public schools. She currently resides in Las Vegas, and uses her art to convey her message for social justice. She is no stranger to the Las Vegas open mic scene, where she regularly performs slam poetry and music.

All of the proceeds from the June 19th show will go towards funding the grassroots, Indigenous-led campaign, #HaulNo. The campaign’s mission is to stop¬†uranium mining on sacred Indigenous Lands just miles from the Grand Canyon.